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The Story of Alexander Winton; Automotive Pioneer and Industrialist


It's a Fact

In Cleveland...

After Alexander Winton produced his first horseless carriage in 1896, he was followed by many others. By 1930, 75 different nameplates had graced radiators of automobiles made in Cleveland. In 1904 the city was the nation's largest auto producer. Although Cleveland eventually lost the "Motor City" title to Detroit, Cleveland has long been the nation's second largest manufacturer of automotive components.

Photo courtesy of the Winton Family.


Winton Automobile, Bicycle and diesel literature, postcards, letters, factory magazines; "The Auto Era," Ephemera, photos, miscellaneous memorabilia.

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Year by Year Specifications

1900 WINTON TWO-SEATED SURREY 8-HP, tiller steering, 32-inch front wheels with 3-inch tires, 36-inch rear wheels with 4-inch tires, single cylinder hydro-carbon motor, fuel; common stove gasoline or naptha, color; Brewster green with maroon "automobile red" wheels and running gear; leather cushions, dash, and fenders. All carriages supplied with top, storm apron and gong. Price: $1,200.

1904 WINTON QUAD 24-HP, four cylinder horizontal motor, 4-3/8 inch bore by 5-inch stroke, cylinders cast in pairs with integral heads and water jackets; two speeds forward, one reverse; automatic sight feedoiler; one 6v accumulator and 5 dry cells, vibrator coil; single float-feed carburetor; double tubular radiators with centrifugal pump; two brakes on rear wheel hubs, one on drive shaft. Side entrance tonneau body, shoice of Winton red or Brewster green. Price: $3,000.

1905 WINTON MODEL B SIDE ENTRANCE CAR 24-30-HP, four cylinder, 4-3/8 X 5, vertical engine under bonnet, induvidual clutch transmission, 3-1/5 X 1 gear ratio, mechanical lubrication, make-and-break ignition with gear driven alternating magneto and single non-vibrator cable; shaft drive; pressed steel frame; weight 2100 lbs; wheelbase 102 inches, 32 X 4 inch tires; color optional. Price: $2,500.