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The Story of Alexander Winton; Automotive Pioneer and Industrialist

Antique Automobile

by Keith Marvin

This is the story of one of this country's first automobile pioneers and, without reservation, I think it is one of the finest pieces of automotive history I have ever read. Carefully researched, written in an engaging style, and replete with anything anyone could desire, it might well be the pattern for other books by other authors still needed in the never-ending quest of complete domestic automotive history.

Its authors include Thomas F. Saal, former editor of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America's magazine, The Bulb Horn, and Bernard J. Golias, a specialist on Winton and a member of the AACA, the Society of Automotive Historians, the Horseless Carriage Club of America, and Winton World Wide. They have taken one of this country's most important pre-1900 automobile pioneers, and, indeed, have produced a book that might well have been entitled "Famous But Far-From-Forgotten" for Winton carries on to this day as the Cleveland Division of General Motor's Diesel Engine Division.

The Winton was never a high-production car but what it lacked in numbers, it compensated by cars of the highest quality, which were as widely known in their time as any car on the road. Wintons excelled on the dirt track in their earlier days even as they excelled on America's streets and highways and had a record of satisfied clients and repeat buyers.

The illustrations embellish the text and the paper is of top quality, which enhances them for both the reader in general and automotive history in particular. The price is a bargain from any point of view.